Welcome to the Legal Techo Chamber–a place where oblivious insiders can come together and spout self-congratulatory bullshit to one another.  Or, maybe just a place where people can say publicly what they’ve really been thinking privately without committing career suicide.

Don’t take it too seriously.  It’s just for fun, not profit or popularity.  And we’re not trying be (gratuitously) mean.  Just honest, direct, and unfiltered (ok–maybe a tad sardonically irreverent).

We’ll see where it goes, but–regardless–hopefully it’ll breathe some fresh air into the stale little legal tech echo chamber where we all seemingly have to (publicly) applaud everyone else regardless of whether they’re completely full of shit or failing so hard they should have to repeat whatever grade level they read at.

Comments, feedback, criticism?  Fill out the form below.  (Or, if it’s criticism, feel free to also go pound sand.)

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