Welcome to the Legal Techo Chamber Power Rankings – Round Three

Another month, another accounting of the most powerful #legaltech players in the industry.  And–whew–what a past month!

For those of you waiting with bated breath last Monday for our updated rankings, sorry–it was a holiday.  (I mean, this is fun, but not THAT fun.)  And there were rumblings of some good reasons (250M of them) to hold the next power rankings for a few days.

But it was worth the wait.  Without further ado, here are our September LTC Power Rankings:

Power RankingChangeNameOrgComments
1+16Avaneesh MarwahaLitera MicrosystemsJust a few short years ago, Marwaha was a mid-level executive at a Chicago-based systems integrator. Now he's CEO of a company that looks like it has a good chance to own the document-creation space and also corner the market on transaction management. Litera has clearly become Hg's favored vehicle for legal tech investment, which we expect to see a lot more of. Plus, we love the Doxly acquisition.
2-1Cornelius GrossmanEY Law
3NewJack NewtonThere are 250 million reasons why Newton has rocketed up this list. Sometimes it seems like all the focus is on Big Law and the Fortune 500, the most room for growth may be smaller law firms serving small businesses and individuals. And Clio is already entrenched in the pole position and likely to dominate that market for years to come.
4-2Ben MeyerHgCapital
5+20Joy Heath RushILTAIn 2017, ILTA was as poorly led an organization as we'd ever seen, which considering who runs LegalTech (LegalWeek? - see what we mean?) and CLOC (whose top 3 "volunteers" paid themselvers a combined $480,000 that year). Last year, the Board finally got their act together and hired Joy Heath Rush to fix things. And she has. Not only was this year's ILTACON the best in memory - despite a venue everyone hated - but even their biggest critics love Joy. It's not a stretch to say that Joy Heath Rush has saved ILTA.
6-1Neil AraujoiManage
7-1Josh BaxterNetDocuments
80Ed WaltersFastcase
9NewMark HarrisAxiomWho needs an IPO when you can instead take a massive investment from Permira - a fund that knows more than a little about which companies in the legal space to bet on?
100Eric ElfmanOnit
11-2Nick WestMDR
120Jae UmBaker McKenzie
13-6Irish McIntyreThomson Reuters
14-10David CambriaBaker McKenzie
15+3Mary O’CarrollGoogle/CLOC
16-3Shruti AjisariaAllen & Overy
17NewAndy KleinReynen CourtApp store for legal tech? Security standard? Containerized software? Standardized terms and conditions? All of the above? We're not sure anyone knows exactly what Reynen Court is, but on the heels of their beta launch, everyone is talking about it.
18NewDan KatzLexPredict (Elevate)
19NewJeff PfeiferLexisNexis
200Bill HendersonIU Law
21NewHaley AltmanLiteraDid Altman sell too soon? Perhaps. But she's also put herself in position to absolutely dominate the transaction management space for years to come. We expect that she'll be running a lot more than Doxly very soon.
22-3Jeff MarpleLiberty Mutual
23NewGina PassarellaALMHappy 40th Anniversary to The American Lawyer. And kudos to Gina Passarella for keeping it relevant through its middle age.
24-3Eddie HartmanLegalZoom
25-10Noah WaisbergKira
Fun While It Lasted...
DroppedAndrew LeaitherlandDWF
DroppedAndrew SiejaRelativity
DroppedBrian PecarelliTR
DroppedSerge SavchenkoOpenText
DroppedLiam BrownElevate
DroppedDavid PerlaBurford Capital
DroppedKatie DeBordBryan Cave

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