Welcome to the Legal Techo Chamber Power Rankings – Round Five

Did you miss us?  Turns out there are a lot of holidays and health crises between October and April. Believe me, no one could have imagined it.  Who knew there were so many holidays?  So we’re actually doing a perfect job publishing the power rankings.  A lot of people are saying they can’t believe how great we’re doing.

So enjoy the April 2020 rankings of the 25 most powerful players in #legaltech!

Power RankingNameOrgComments
1Raj AbhyankerLitigation Justice LeagueSaving legal tech from fraud, one startup at a time
2Richard TromansArtificial LawyerPutting on a journalism clinic.... in sponsored content
3Brian KuhnElevate
4Cat MoonVanderbiltThe hall monitor we deserve
5Carolyn ElephantMy ShingleNot cool since before it was cool
6Alex Smithex-RAVN
7Connie "Capone" BrentonNetApp
8David CowenThe Cowen GroupMore SHAKY than SOLID
9Jimmy VestbirkLegal GeekBecause SOMEONE should profit off all the legal tech hype
10David FisherIntegra LedgerTeaching law students there is no such thing as a free lunch (or reimbursements for flights halfway around the world)
11Patrick Lamb and Jeff CarrElevar"GET OFF MY LAWN"
12Richard Susskind's KidNepotismHere's to three more decades of publishing the same book every five years... although what will he write about if any of his old man's predictions ever come true?
13Ron Dolinex-GoogleThe luckiest lawyer in Silicon Valley
14John LordNeota Logic
15Josuha FiremanFireman & Co.
16Dan "Closing Next Quarter" JansenNextlaw Ventures
17Shruti AjitsariaAllen & OveryDamn, it feels good to be...that busy and important
18CoronavirusThe League of Shadows
19Joshua BrowderDoNotPay
20Patrick PalacePalace LawBecause this
21Mark CohenClearspire 4evaTrippin balls since 2010
22Aron SolomonWho cares?
23Richard RosenbaumGreenberg TraurigGrand prize for wordiest attempt to turn bullshit into vapor
24Jules MillerIBM
25Jack NewtonClioNever let a good crisis go to waste

On a serious note:

And breaking from the 4/1 shenanigans, a special shoutout to godfather of snarky legal blogs: David Lat.  Thrilled to see you’re on the mend after showing our 18th most powerful person in legal tech a thing or two.  We’ll continue sending thoughts and prayers to speed the recovery. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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